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Quality. Commitment.
Precision Manufacturing Solutions.

Reduce the hassle by working with the K S Tooling, Inc. team to streamline and simplify your precision metal stamping processes and overall parts production.

Component Level Production

Precision Metal Stamping Company

From life-saving EpiPens and intricate timepieces to Hybrid vehicles and Airbag sensors, K S Tooling, Inc. is dedicated to providing a wide variety of innovative precision metal production solutions to some of the world's most advanced products. For over 30 years, K S Tooling, Inc. has been providing a clear precision metal stamping advantage to small, medium and large scale OEM's. What advantage can K S Tooling, Inc. offer you?

Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

Commitment to Quality

Metal stamping demands for the electronics industry change every day, so you need a fast-to-market partner that can deliver products in high volume - from electrical stampings to chemical etching and overmolding with tight tolerance.

K S Tooling, Inc. is your go-to source for precision electronic services in Pennsylvania and beyond. We're constantly innovating to reach flaw-free production, so your devices won't fail and mission-critical parts will outperform your competitors.

Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer, including metal forming and high-quality stamping services.

Certified Smart. Certified Right.

K S Tooling, Inc. is a leading, certified provider of precision metal stamping in PA, serving York PA and beyond. Our commitment to the industry includes achieving ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications for the design of progressive dies, production of custom precision metal stampings, and assemblies. Our precision metal manufacturing process is engineered to prevent defects and reduce variations, so you have less waste in your supply chain.

Run a leaner operation by picking a certified precision metal stamping manufacturer that helps you cut costs. Let us help you develop a quality product that gives you a competitive advantage.

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