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About K S Tooling, Inc.

Partners, Not Just Providers

Founded in 1989, K S Tooling, Inc. is an ISO-certified manufacturer, providing cost-saving solutions and simplified logistical support for customers spanning industries. We are a one-stop shop for the entire production and manufacturing process from start to finish, offering everything from rapid prototype production to mass production of orders in small, medium and large volumes. We specialize in collaborating alongside our customers and finding affordable solutions for their manufacturing needs.

Who We Are

K S Tooling, Inc. occupies a sprawling, modern manufacturing facility located in York, Pennsylvania. For more than 30 years, we've built our reputation as a team dedicated to quality products, efficiency, and superior customer care. Our team cares about your industry standards as much as you do, which means we'll make sure each item we produce matches your specifications and all applicable standards. We're your partners for creating cutting-edge parts and components for tomorrow's products.

Zero-Defect Manufacturing

Our company performs all operations using a zero-defect Six Sigma approach, striving for cost savings, industry innovation and product perfection in every order we produce. We maintain several industry certifications recognizing our commitment to consistent quality, waste reduction, fast delivery and unparalleled customer service. Our ongoing ISO certifications include:

  • ¬†ISO 9001:2015: ISO 9001 is internationally recognized as a management system tracking product quality. We achieve this notable designation through continual improvement of our manufacturing processes and devotion to material conservation. ISO 9001:2015 recognizes our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • ISO/TS 16949:2016: This designation accompanies ISO 9001:2015, prepared by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). As a manufacturer of automotive parts and related components, KS Tooling, Inc. maintains ISO/TS 16949:2016 for dependable product quality and ongoing improvement of our processes.

What We Do

We provide prototyping, stamping, injection molding and more, offering innovative solutions for advanced manufacturing. Over the past three decades, KS Tooling, Inc. has grown to become an international supplier of precision manufactured parts in quantities ranging from a single prototype to orders exceeding a billion units, making us leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Services We Offer

Whether you're new to production or a veteran producer, you'll find that we offer manufacturing assistance for each phase of development, including:

  • Product development:¬†In today's competitive marketplace, speed is everything. Achieve your vision faster with our catalog of development services, including design assistance, prototype creation and product testing.
  • Production stamping:¬†Receive your order fast with rapid production stamping for low- to high-volume OEMs. We offer unique alternatives for saving money on orders through innovative techniques and equipment sharing.
  • Precision toolmaking:¬†Construct durable dies for production stamping with precision toolmaking services by KS Tooling, Inc. Generate designs using¬†AutoCAD, Solidworks and Siemens NX to meet industry standards.
  • Progressive die stamping:¬†Create complex metal parts and components with progressive die stamping. This technique feeds units through a progression of stamping stations, adding details to the design until it's complete.
  • Injection molding:¬†We offer precision injection molding services using dies and parts with high repeat tolerance, producing more units for less. Our focus on materials recycling translates to savings on raw materials.
  • Finishing services:¬†Complete your products with our selection of finishing services. Add features to your products with optional¬†insert and overmolding, deburring, reel to reel plating, CNC machining, product assembly and/or parts washing and packaging.


When you're ready to discuss how we can help with each one of your unique projects, reach out online for a free estimate or call us at (717) 764-5817.