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IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

At K S Tooling, Inc., we back each part and component we produce with a firm commitment to product quality and ongoing dedication to superior customer service. As an IATF 16949 certified manufacturer, we strive for precision during each phase of the production process, from perfecting your design to creating flawless products made to all automotive industry standards and specifications.

Manufacturers of automotive parts benefit from partnering with our certified manufacturing process, guaranteeing quality parts meeting and exceeding commercial product standards every time. The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) awards IATF16949 status to qualified manufacturers based on stringent quality controls and innovative manufacturing practices. More than a certification, IATF 16949 certification is a public commitment to quality.

The Benefits of IATF 16949 Certification

Create your automotive products fast and with confidence. The benefits of IATF 16949 certification include:

  • Precision manufacturing:¬†Partner with a manufacturer certified for consistent production of quality automotive parts made with precision and built to specification.
  • Lean production: IATF 16949 certification means striving for constant gains in reducing material waste using smarter techniques and the recycling of excess materials.
  • Defect elimination:¬†Aim higher and create production runs free of defects. Our advanced processes ensure that all products meet our zero-defect standard.
  • Expert feedback:¬†Create better products with professional feedback and design assistance, available upon request from our team of experienced engineers.
  • Product confidence:¬†Certification from the IATF means your products will be held to higher standards. Market them with confidence in their capabilities.
  • Quality management:¬†We maintain a quality management system (QMS) that is built on continual improvement, setting the standard for rapid planning, execution and improvement.

Industry Credibility

Gain a reputation for consistent performance and quality with custom automotive parts made to last and built to meet industry demands.


IATF Certified Manufacturer

We maintain industry certifications demonstrating ongoing dedication to quality in every action we take. From creating a new design to fielding a finished product, build your order with confidence with a certified manufacturer.

K S Tooling, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and IATF 16949:2016 certified to show you that when it comes to your business, we are committed to quality:

  • IATF 16949:2016:¬†This certification outlines quality management systems requirements for manufacturers of automotive parts and components. IATF 16949:2016 relates to all stages of the production process, from design to development. We maintain this designation for continuous process improvement, production efficiency, waste reduction, defect elimination and high rates of customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 9001:2015:¬†ISO 9001:2015 certification focuses on meeting customer expectations for quality and delivery. We achieve this goal through a collaborative process, working alongside our customers to find fast, affordable and advanced manufacturing solutions. Using a Six Sigma approach to production, we complete orders of any size with zero defects, meeting or exceeding automotive standards.

Managing Quality in Your Industry

The IATF¬†developed IATF 16949:2016 ¬†¬†as a means to recognize trusted manufacturers. Specifications for the auto industry are demanding ‚ÄĒ manufacturers must be up to the challenge of creating reliable parts that are resistant to damage, heat, corrosion and more. This certification applies to production processes ‚ÄĒ producers must adhere to strict certification requirements to receive and maintain this designation.

IATF 16949:2016 means always moving forward, adopting new techniques and embracing innovative manufacturing processes. Manufacturers must also strive for continual improvement of existing systems, always building on past performance. Partnering with a certified producer removes the guesswork, ensuring your order is made to your specifications, meets industry standards and arrives fast to your location with zero product defects.

Order Stamped & Molded Parts for the Automotive Industry

K S Tooling, Inc. is your one-stop shop for producing quality automotive parts made with precision and built to industry standards as IATF Certified Manufacturers. We create custom-stamped and molded parts made to match your specifications. Place an order for quantities ranging from a single working prototype to the mass production of large-volume orders numbering millions or more.

We have more than 30 years of experience providing rapid production services for the automotive industry. Gain professional design assistance with our product development services, and experience better quality control with each phase of production under one roof. Send us your designs or work with our team to produce something new. For more information, call (717) 764-5817 today. Want to save time getting started?