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First to Market

Cut Capitol Tooling Costs in Half

First to Market is an accelerated print to part production tooling strategy that dramatically impacts the high costs that can be associated with stamping dies. Customers who take advantage of First to Market typically achieve greater than 50% savings over conventional NRE. These savings are accomplished through a shared asset strategy which combines product-specific tooling (customer owned) with an existing First to Market Die Set (KST owned).


With a strong focus on tight tolerance products, KS Tooling designs and builds dies ranging from model shop to class-A production. Complex dies with multiple feed units and in-die assembly stations are considered standard at K S Tooling.

Loose Piece

K S Tooling is able to accomodate both high and low volume loose piece production stamping needs. Loose piece production speeds range from 10 to 2,000 pieces per minute. Bulk production includes post-production processes such as plating, cleaning, de-burring, and assembly.

Precision Measuring clamp in use
Angle grinder in use


Strip thickness ranging from .0010" to .080" are produced reel to reel. Advanced inline vision systems measure each individual part to ensure product quality. High volume production runs include inspection reports for each part produced on reel.


K S Tooling has a large assembly department which features both hand and automated assembly cells. This department specializes in high volume products which include SFP cages (over 50 million produced) and many other complex assemblies.


K S Tooling considers every customer and every vendor to be a business partner. These successful partnerships make it possible for KST to offer innovative product solutions in today's challenging global market. Partnership advantages include insert molding, over molding, photo chemical etching and plating, amongst others.


In order to accommodate the aggressive timelines typically associated with development work, it is K S Tooling's policy to maintain a reserve shop capacity at all times.

In a history spanning more than two decades, KST has been the recipient of many awards honoring the company's unparalleled commitment to Quality, Price, and Delivery


"KS Tooling has been a valuable supplier to support our aggressive time to market needs. KST's team is comprised of strong technical talent focused on innovative solutions to complex metal fabrication challenges. Equally critical, KST understands the importance of communication and follow through...often the difference in ability to consistently meet time constrained delivery schedules with quality results. Their ability and willingness to go the extra mile makes them a true pleasure to do business with."

- Dan Holtzinger, CPD Die Engineering Manager, Molex Inc.


"KS Tooling has done a good job working with our team to address issues proactively and meet our aggressive expectations. They demonstrate a sense of urgency and willingness to adapt to rapidly changing priorities, schedules and requirements."

- William C. Hach, Mfg. Engineering Manager, Connectors & RF Commmunications, Computer & Consumer Electronics, Tyco Electronics


"With a sense of pride and gratitude, FCI acknowledges your contribution and participation in helping to develop the finest, fastest, most capable high speed data connector in the world."

- R. Vernon Schultz, C.P.M, Commodity Manager, FCI USA Inc.


"We selected KS Tooling to build a die for one of our new development contacts using their "FIRST TO MARKET" platform. With the combination of TE and KTS engineering and manufacturing resources, we were able to deliver production quality contacts, in a short turn around time to meet our Time To Market objectives, for the introduction of the new program."

- Fred Sauers, Project Manager-Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Development Global Aerospace, Defense, and Marine, TE Connectivity