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Consumer Products

K S Tooling Inc. is your single source for metal stampings in small, medium and large quantities. Choose from a variety of durable metals to meet project and industry demands. We can produce consumer product parts made to your precise specifications, whether from a new design or an existing schematic.

Prototyping, Product Testing & Manufacturing

Gain the advantage of a full umbrella of in-house design services, including rapid prototyping, product testing and affordable manufacturing for products you can trust.

Precision Stamped Parts for Consumer Products

Produce a single prototype or place an order for a billion identical units ā€” we can provide full design and manufacturing support for orders of any size. Save money on your order using our First to Marketā„¢ platform. Take advantage of our in-house die sets and matrix blocks, reducing your setup costs down to internal die tooling. Know your design is perfect with engineering assistance and testing, ensuring function and quality.

Our scope of consumer products made using metal-stamped components include:

  • Home appliances
  • Retail goods
  • Commercial equipment
  • Lighting parts Decorative items
  • Mounts and accessories
  • Watch / Clock Movements


Prototyping, Manufacturing & Finishing from a Single Source

Optional Finishing

Improve the function of your products with our optional finishing services. Enhance your metal stamped consumer product parts with:

  • Alloy plating
  • Over-molding
  • Chemical etching Polishing and anodizing
  • Oxide and powder coating
  • Tumbled and hand deburring
  • Electro-Polishing

Order Stamped Parts for Consumer Products Online

At K S Tooling, Inc., we have more than 30 years of experience matching our customers with the quality products they need with prototyping, testing, manufacturing and finishing all from one source. Ensure that your products match your specifications with accurate counts and zero defects thanks to in-house control of your order from design through shipment. To start designing your parts or for help placing an order,Ā send us a messageĀ or callĀ (717) 764-5817 today.