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We offer a wide variety of automation solutions to fit our customers’ needs.  These range from simple benchtop manually or pneumatically-operated assembly cells to highly complex servo-driven cam or robotically operated high speed, tight tolerance assembly cells.  

If your application requires a simple system to support small DVT volumes and you would like the ability to grow into larger volumes without losing valuable NRE, then we are the right custom automation solution for you.  Our experience in automation follows the development curve and is 100% scalable. We achieve this through solid communication of the potential while keeping in mind the short-term production goal and quality assurance.

Our years of experience in product and equipment design enables us to provide DFMA services to identify areas to lower product and/or tooling costs.

Custom Automation Solutions

Typical automation systems include the following:

  • Pick and place packaging:  We have design experience with in-line pick and place packaging cells.
  • Free and Transfer Component Assembly Systems: Our team has built many palletized solutions which can be as small as a few feet in length up to 50 feet long.
  • Integrated Robotics:  We have experience integrating with a wide variety of industry leading robotics.
  • Integrated Inspection: We have experience integrating various in-line inspection systems to 100% inspect critical product features.
  • Medical Device Automation: We have experience developing automation for the medical device industry that meets 21 CFR Part 820 requirements for system validation.

Secondary Processes

We have experience with many secondary processes including welding, heat staking, ultrasonic welding, dispensing, electropolishing, etc.


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