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In-Die Assembly

Making the most of each stroke of the press is crucial to passing cost savings along to our customers.

The specialized process of In-Die Assembly has become a standard at K S Tooling, Inc.  This process includes bringing multiple raw materials into the progressive stamping die for the purpose of not only producing components but also assembling them.  The process can produce finished assemblies at speeds between a few hundred per minute to a thousand per minute.

A Solution in Search of a Problem

Imagine not having to final assemble components after they have been stamped.  We have solved many of our customers most difficult problems with In-Die Assembly.  This process used one of the following methods to join components in the tool:

  • Mechanical Latch Assembly: A small lance can be clipped into a trimmed window as is the case in many SFP cage assemblies.
  • Mechanical pressure tabs: A series of three or four pressure tabs can provide preload to another component which we accomplish with our bandolier stamping operations.
  • Riveting: A 260 Brass strip is introduced to allow for an extruded rivet to be made, once made the same stamping tool closes the stamped and formed product onto the rivet prior to peening the rivet over.


The process of In-Die assembly requires several strips to be fed into the same stamping tool.  This can be accomplished using both Die mounted servo feeds and press mounted servo feeds. Many of our Bruderer presses have multiple strip feed lines for the purpose of In-Die assembly.

If you need help determining if your product is a good candidate for this stamping process, then request a quote online or call (717) 764-5817 today.