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Precision Injection Molding

We offer precision injection molding services with a focus on high-tolerance, over- molded processes which mold on top of a stamped strip in a reel-to-reel configuration.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Choosing K S Tooling, Inc. as your precision injection molding company helps you save on production costs.

  • Reduction in costs associated with labor
  • Molded parts with high repeat tolerance
  • Reduced waste and materials cost through plastics recycling
  • Higher production rate for standard and intricate parts

Our raw material stock includes custom resins for specific custom products. Our molding expertise includes experience with the following resins:

  • Zenite LCP
  • Vectra LCP
  • Terlux 2802

Our Nissei Mold presses are all in vertical configuration, allowing us to produce reel-to- reel over-molding for longer runs and product consistency. Due to the position of our parting line, we are also able to mold single housings.

Experience custom product creation meeting your specifications and demands by selecting K S Tooling, Inc. as your injection molding company of choice.