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Prototyping & Production Metal Stamping

Increase your revenue by moving your production metal stamping to K S Tooling, Inc. The advantages of both our IATF 16949:2016 certified quality system and the foundation of Six Sigma approach can be seen throughout our production floor. From order entry, to the shipment of product, our staff follows an ERP system that can be easily and accurately monitored. It is this compliance that enables us to achieve "Award Winning" quality and delivery and makes us among the best in production stamping.

Low Volume Metal Stamping Production

By employing the latest in pressroom equipment, we are able to program each tool in the press to reduce setup time. This reduction in setup translates into cost savings on low volume metal stamping. K S Tooling, Inc. works with all of our customers to find savings in their production stamping orders regardless of the production scale.

High Volume Metal Stamping Production

K S Tooling, Inc. has a long history of producing high volume metal stampings at very competitive pricing. Our ability to capitalize on press utilization and innovation enables us to generate enough cost savings to pass along to the client. As a top production metal stamping company, we are constantly innovating and improving our production cells by adding automation such as a Cartesian robot and In-line Keyence Vision Inspection system to our production lines.


  • In-line vision inspection
  • Reel to Reel Stamping
  • Automotive Connector Stamping
  • Pin and Bandolier Stamping
  • In-die assembly
  • Multiple strip stamping
  • In-line robotic stamping integration
  • 5 to 80 ton capacity
  • 48" left to right capacity


Raw Material Variety

K S Tooling, Inc. is experienced with stainless, high performance copper-based alloys, copper, bronze, aluminum and specialty alloys such as platinum, inconel, kovar and many more.

Call us today to explore how our production stamping strategy can translate into savings on your next mass volume stamping requirement.